Rewards Review Engagement Specialist

World Health Organization (WHO)



Role Overview

The Rewards Review aims to develop a new rewards framework for the whole MSF global workforce, enabling us to better meet operational needs. MSF’s executive leadership (the Full ExCom) agreed on changes to create a rewards system that provides more equity, transparency, and consistency. This will better enable MSF to nurture an increasingly diverse workforce with the right balance of skills for today’s operational needs and tomorrow’s humanitarian challenges.

The Full ExCom also confirmed the responsibility of all members to implement collective decisions on the Rewards Review consistently. All entities must contribute to staff engagement, development, implementation planning, and communication to ensure this.

At MSF USA, the Engagement Specialist will be responsible for coordinating this work and acting as the focal point for Rewards Review. This will involve actively participating in working groups, developing surveys and other content such as the Global Grading Framework and Minimum Standards. During key decision-making moments for the project, the Engagement Specialist will engage with several stakeholders in MSF USA, including the Director of International HR, the Chief People Culture and Inclusion Officer, the Executive Director, and the Rewards Review project management team.

Department Accountabilities

Organizational Culture & Create a Safe Space

Set and drive transparent goals, targets and ADEI&B initiatives that yield the most significant, scalable, quantifiable, and sustained impact for a more human-centered, engaged, and productive workplace.; building a culture that fosters trust, collaboration high performance, respect, and belonging among diverse teams and peoples.


Performance Management & Talent Development-

Develop and implement policies and processes that provide an integrated, structured approach to individual development planning, performance goal setting, performance feedback, and formal appraisal to meet business needs and to support individuals in realizing their potential. The review is done one time per year after which decisions are taken on whether the employee’s pay should be changed or increased.


Employee Engagement

Create a workplace culture that is engaging and motivating for employees. This involves creating opportunities for employees to connect with each other, providing professional development opportunities, and creating a positive work environment.


Compliance and HR Operations

Execute and manage P&C operations using predetermined protocols and procedures to achieve specified operational performance standards.


Compensation & Benefits Review

Designed and administered compensation and benefits packages for staff. This includes setting salaries, providing health insurance and other benefits, and managing payroll.


Talent Acquisitions

Fill permanent or temporary positions within an organization by attracting, shortlisting, selecting, hiring, appointing, and integrating the best-qualified candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Payroll Administration

Carry out the payroll administration processes required to ensure that employees are paid correctly at the right time.

Roles Specific Outcomes

Communication and engagement:

  • Act as point of contact in MSF USA for staff and the Rewards Review team
  • Act as a reference point internally for colleagues for questions, information, and further engagement on the project
  • Support MSF USA leadership in ensuring proactive information sharing and engagement with staff within Office and International Mobile staff.
  • Liaise with colleagues participating in various platforms and working groups (e.g. Comp & Ben, Global Grading Framework) to ensure coherence and consistency in internal communication and decisions.
  • Support MSF USA leadership in the preparation for decision-making moments.

Development of deliverables:

  • Develop a strategy to engage with our staff in a change management process in order to prepare for the Rewards Implementation in MSF USA.
  • Identify who in MSF USA can provide technical input and give feedback on specific areas such as Global Grading Framework, salary grids, benefits, etc.
  • Ensure a timely response to requests for information needed for development, data collection, surveys etc…
  • Coordinate thematic and technical input from various functional groups, technical groups, and subject-matter experts.

Preparation and support for implementation:

    • Act as point of contact in MSF USA for preparation for implementation of changes, coordinating with stakeholders as needed, such as providing input to timelines, flagging constraints, risks, opportunities.
    • Facilitate internal discussions on resource allocation and planning.
        • Facilitate and support inclusion of necessary resources in the budget, in particular by supporting directors and managers to identify need for, anticipate and plan, necessary resources to implement changes, using their knowledge of the project and its planning.

Contribute to overall successful implementation:

        • Support MSF USA leadership in change management.
        • Join regular meetings of the Rewards Review Focal Points and actively contribute to discussions to ensure effective implementation.
        • Identify unmet communication needs and work with the IO (International Office) team to explore how best to meet these.
        • Act as an internal champion for the Rewards Review.
        • Can act as Project Manager for other significant HR / Change Management projects as requested.
Complexity and Problem-Solving Skills


  • The implementation of the Rewards Review deliverables will require significant change over an extended period of time. Therefore, the RR Engagement Manager should be able to manage time efficiently.
  • The Engagement Manager will be required to coordinate inputs from a variety of functions and subject matter experts, and present outcomes to internal stakeholders including directors and managers with high levels of autonomy and seniority.
  • The Engagement Manager is accountable for the completion of all actions related to staff engagement, ensuring they are completed on time, with the correct internal groups/SMEs engaged and high quality standards.
Behavioral Competencies  
THOUGHT: How MSF USA staff understand the organization, manage complexity, and contribute by creating the new and different.

People Focus

Builds strong relationships and delivers solutions geared to aiding others. Solicits feedback and data; conveys a clear understanding of the level of service the team is providing; takes action when standards are not met by team; aligns processes with organizational needs.

Manages Complexity

Makes sense of complex, high quantity, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems. Consistently looks at complex issues from many angles; obtains a rich and deep understanding; swiftly cuts to the core issue; skillfully separates root causes from symptoms.

Global Perspective

Takes a broad view when approaching issues, using a global lens. Shows global thinking at work; adjusts organizational practices to meet the unique needs of different regions or countries. Uses a broad perspective when addressing issues and challenges.

Cultivates Innovation

Creates new and better ways for the organization to be successful. Approaches professional work in unique or innovative ways. Offers original ideas. Appreciates others’ creative ideas and solutions and provides helpful input to enhance them.

Strategic Mindset

Sees ahead to future possibilities and translates them into breakthrough strategies.

RESULTS: MSF USA staff achieve results by cultivating a forward-thinking environment that produces solutions for changing stakeholder needs.

Drives Results

Consistently achieves results, even under tough circumstances. Regularly pushes self to achieve outstanding outcomes; consistently establishes bold goals for own performance; is passionate about excellent results and significant contributions. Shows great tenacity to complete goals/initiatives in a timely way.

Ensures Accountability

Holds self and others accountable to meet commitments.

PEOPLE: MSF USA staff understand their impact on others through collaboration and inclusion of different perspectives to achieve common goals.


Builds partnerships and works collaboratively with others to meet shared objectives. Readily involves others to accomplish goals; stays in touch and shares information; discourages “us versus them” thinking; shows appreciation for others’ ideas and input.

Communicates Effectively

Develops and delivers multi-mode communications that convey a clear understanding of the unique needs of different audiences. Listens attentively and takes an interest. Keeps others well informed; conveys information clearly, concisely, and professionally when speaking or writing.

Values Differences

Recognizes the value that different perspectives and cultures bring to an organization. Confronts stereotyping and offensive comments promptly. Consistently behaves with great sensitivity toward differences in cultural norms, expectations, and ways of communicating.

Builds Effective Teams

Builds strong-identity teams that apply their diverse skills and perspectives to achieve common goals.


Manages Conflict

Handles conflict situations effectively, with a minimum of noise.

Builds Networks

Effectively builds formal and informal relationship networks inside and outside the organization.

Drives Vision and Purpose

Paints a compelling picture of the vision and strategy that motivates others to action.

SELF: MSF USA staff demonstrate self-awareness by having an open mindset and by continuously seeking opportunities to learn, grow, and improve.

Instills Trust

Gains the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, and authenticity. Models honesty and authenticity and encourages others to be up front with one another. Demonstrates reliability and places a strong emphasis on the team meeting its commitments. Fairly represents others’ positions.

Manages Ambiguity

Operates effectively, even when things are not certain or the way forward is not clear. Responds effectively to unclear situations, seeks to resolve ambiguity, and make progress. Seeks guidance on how to adapt to changes, responds with appropriate composure and effectiveness.

Situational Adaptability

Adapts approach and demeanor in real time to match the shifting demands of different situations. Serves as an example of adaptability and provides guidance and support to help others adapt to new situations. Considers the needs of clients, constituents, and the organization, shifts priorities appropriately.

Being Resilient

Rebounds from setbacks and adversity when facing difficult situations.

Technical Competencies

Plans and Aligns

Planning and prioritizing work to meet commitments aligned with MSF-USA goals.

Financial Acumen

Interprets and applies to understanding key financial indicators to make better business decisions.

Tech Savvy

Anticipating and adopting innovations in organizational digital and technology applications.

Data Collection and Analysis

The ability and skill to determine and analyze trends from data that is collected to assist in compiling reports that will help in decision-making.

Project Management Skills

The ability and skill to plan and manage small project work assignments within desired cost, time and quality parameters.

Presentation and Written Communication Skills

Adapts approach and demeanor in real time to match the shifting demands of different situations. Serves as an example of adaptability and provides guidance and support to help others adapt to new situations. Considers the needs of clients, constituents, and the organization, shifts priorities appropriately.

Organizational Insight

Applying knowledge of MSF-USA and the industry to advance the organization’s goals.

Supervisory Responsibility

No direct report

Desired Qualifications & Experience

  • Demonstrated experience with and commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Demonstrated understanding of or prior experience with Staff Engagement, HR policies, and Project Management
  • Minimum 2 years of MSF (or similar organization) international experience
  • Good command of English
  • Good knowledge and understanding of MSF, including knowledge of structure and functioning of intersectional projects
  • Ability to effectively present information to small and large groups of staff
  • Superior interpersonal skills
  • Excellent judgment and diplomacy
  • Strong general computer literacy, including word processing and reporting capabilities using database software and Excel, and the ability to search the internet for research purposes and to learn new Windows-based programs
  • Ability to handle a large volume of work and to work under a great deal of pressure
  • Genuine interest in and commitment to the humanitarian principles of MSF

Travel Requirements

Must be able to travel as required for standard domestic and international business travel.


$39,199.50 – $58,799.50; depending upon experience


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