RFP-037-IND-2024-Urban Social Protection Programme for Safai Sathis in Telangana

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Introduction :

Scope of work

The shortlisted partner is expected to perform the following activities as per this ToR:

Deliverable 1: Collaborating with Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and waste management agencies to gather data of 10,000 Safai Sathis, ensuring adherence to the UNDP Data Collection Format 1.

Deliverable 2: Organize Mass awareness/ door to door outreach for 1000 Safai Sathis households (at least 1 person each household) on social inclusion and Utthaan Helpline.

Deliverable 3: Screening/ baseline survey of the Safai Sathis and document verification of 1000 Safai Sathis households to be submitted in MS Excel/ MIS as per the agreed UNDP Data collection format 2. Deliverable 4: Verification/ Preparation/Updating such as national id and address proofs required for scheme linkages and Linkage to two social protection schemes for 500 Safai Sathis as per the documentation gaps identified in deliverable 1. Linkage to two social protection schemes per Safai Sathis for at least 500 Safai Sathis


Expected outcome:

1.       Verified data of 10,000 Safai Sathis, including their valid phone numbers, facilitating utilization for the helpline.

2.       Increased awareness among 1,000 Safai Sathis households regarding the Utthaan Helpline and various Government Social Protection schemes.

3.       Facilitated linkage of 500 Safai Sathis to two social protection schemes each, enhancing their access to essential support systems.

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Deadline :

24-May-24 @ 08:00 AM (New York time)

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