RfP for development of a Financing Roadmap for Plastic Action in Viet Nam

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United Nations Development Programme

Introduction :

The Viet Nam National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP) launched in December 2020 by GPAP in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) of Viet Nam is a national multi-stakeholder cooperation platform bringing together more than 200 organizations including the Government of Viet Nam, social organizations, the private sector, and international development partners. It facilitates initiatives and funding to scale and accelerate in-country partnerships that address plastic waste and pollution, while contributing to the nation’s progress towards achieving many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Viet Nam NPAP is working with the Government of Viet Nam to achieve key national targets as set out in the National Action Plan for Management of Marine Plastic Litter by 2030. The Viet Nam NPAP is also providing a platform in Viet Nam for discussing international progress towards an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution.

With consultation from the TF and NPAP’s experts, UNDP Viet Nam through Viet Nam NPAP Secretariat, in coordination with GPAP, will plan to develop a Financing Roadmap for Plastic Action in Viet Nam to 2030. The Financing Roadmap is expected to provide analysis, a financing estimate and related recommendations on unlocking financing for plastic action in Viet Nam to 2030; and to set out the expected work plan and follow up actions of Viet Nam NPAP to promote and support effective financing for plastic action.

UNDP Viet Nam intends to mobilize a consultancy firm to lead the development of the Financing Roadmap. The selected agency is expected to work closely with the national consultants to lead and agree on methodology, data collection and analysis. The firm will mobilize international experts to work closely with a team of national consultants to conduct research and drafting the financing roadmap under the guidance of UNDP Viet Nam and GPAP. UNDP Viet Nam will oversee the research progress and provide technical inputs, whenever needed. 

The consultancy firm is expected to:

·       Develop a comprehensive research methodology and draft a structured framework for the Financing Roadmap.

·       Collaborate with national consultants to ascertain the feasibility of data collection pertinent to the assignment.

·       Process and analyse data gathered by national consultant team;

·       Lead the formulation of the final report and the roadmap, ensuring a coherent and strategic approach.

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Deadline :

12-Jun-24 @ 12:59 PM (New York time)


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