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UNV - United Nations Volunteers


Mission and objectives

UNICEF works to promote and protect the rights of every Filipino child, with a particular focus on those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged.
We work with the Philippine government to improve national policies, programmes and services for children and adolescents. Together with partners, we address common barriers to the realization of their rights.


The Communication and Advocacy Section is responsible for advocacy and communication strategy development, youth advocacy (primarily through U-Report platform), celebrity relations, media relations, multi-media, digital, and internal communication. The UNV will work to support youth advocacy (U-Report), multimedia and digital workstreams.
UNICEF Philippines started U-Report in 2019 and as of 16 April 2024 currently has 11,233 members. It is UNICEF’s flagship digital platform, a mobile messaging-based youth engagement tool which empowers them to speak out on issues impacting their lives, provide them with information and services, and encourage volunteerism – all towards creating positive change. Youth voices collected from U-Report are mainly used to generate evidence to inform the design of programs by UNICEF and its partners and our advocacy in support of youth and child rights.

Task description

Under the direct supervision of Advocacy and Communication Chief for overall coordination and Communication Officer (digital) for day-to-day supervision the national UN Volunteer will under-take the following tasks:
• Support the conducting, analysis and monitoring of regular U-Report regular polls and chatbots created and sent to U-Reporters using the RapidPro software. Results are to be rapidly collated in required formats, for sharing with UNICEF programme sections, U-Report HQ and related partners as part of the office-wide policy advocacy and promotion of child and youth participation and fed back to U-Reporters and those related.
• Support the management and maintenance of U-Report digital platforms including the U-Report Philippines website, messaging channels, mobile application and RapidPro software.
• Daily development of creative and interactive visual content in English and Filipino, for publication on social media and other materials.
• Support the development and implementation of Youth Engagement Strategy for U-Report, including face-to-face youth outreach. This includes activities to support the U-report community engagement such as management of member groups, identification and update of missing fields on demographics and registration based on user profile information, production of community updates in the form of infographics, web stories, etc. using the data from the U‐Report polls
• Management of U-report calendar to align activities related to U-report updated at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month with reports covering both online and offline activities, including analysis of strengths and limitations and recommendations; and other reports upon re-quest.
• In consultation with the supervisor, provide responses to U-Reporters’ concerns and issues.
• Support development and implementation of U-Report time-bound social media campaigns as requested.
• Liaise with UNICEF program sections and partners to design activities to achieve results for their indicators.
• Liaise with the U-Report HQ team to (i) access resources on behalf of U-Report Philippines (ii) develop best-in-class practices to inform investment case and (iii) adhere to global best practices.
2. Increased outreach of U-Report and promoted youth engagement and participation
• Execute activities in the U-Report Filipino Mobilization Plan to increase outreach of U-Report of current 11,233 (as of April 2024) to a targeted number of 25,000 U-Reporters by end-2028. Monitor and report on the implementation plan.
• Manage U-Report Champions Group and work with them to produce communication assets on U-Report’s social media platforms and to recruit more U-Reporters from their networks.
• Work with U-Report Champions Group to organize series of capacity building workshop for U-Reporters.
• Generate virtual and physical U-Report communities (in school, in community, champions, agents of change etc…) with regular monitoring and reporting on growth and numbers.
• Network with other youth-led initiatives (existing ones with UNICEF and new ones as explored) in the Philippines and explore collaboration with micro-influencers for networking and resource exchanges to recruit more U-Reporters.
• Lead and facilitate face-to-face consultations and recruitment of U-Reporters.
• Lead and facilitate meetings of U-Report steering committee and manage communication with members.
• Support development of U-Report communication materials, including implementing the U-report rebranding
• Assist in the formatting, illustration and production of documents, reports, presentations, and letters related to U-Report.
• Support responses to internal and external requests for U-Report related information when necessary.
3. Support production and dissemination of UNICEF digital content and digital presence
• Adapting content generation tailored to specific social media platforms in coordination with digital communication team, program teams to support production, dissemination and results monitoring.
• Provide additional support for multimedia content planning, and gathering as well as assess its use to increase new supporters for the cause of children
• Provide additional support for content management and analysis of the performance of the Country Office Website
• Advise on strategies and approaches to maximize digital outreach and engagement on digital platforms.
4. Promoting volunteerism in UNICEF and with partners
• Support timely information flow of the project’s progress: drafting text for emails to task force members and all staff, prepare slide decks for presentations, etc.
• Networking and building relationships with local organizations, groups or individuals and supporting and/or participating in local volunteering initiatives;
• Encouraging, mobilizing and supporting co-workers, fellow UN Volunteers and members of the local community to play an active part in development on a voluntary basis;
• Initiating and/or participating in local volunteer groups, including assisting them in submitting stories and experiences to the World Volunteer Web site;
• Discussing with supervisors on how volunteerism for development can be mainstreamed through the assignment and integrating activities that promote volunteerism for development into work plans. Coordinate the result reporting
and facilitate an after-action review and document the les-sons learned.
Results/Expected Output:
• As an active UNICEF team member, efficient, timely, responsive, client-friendly and high-quality support rendered to UNICEF, its strategic communications and partnerships results for children, and all stakeholders in the accomplishment of her/his functions, including:
1 Daily development of creative and interactive visual contents in Filipino and English, including Facebook posts, messages, materials featuring themes relating to child rights and emerging issues with the support of U-Report Champions group.
2 Support the organization, analysis, monitoring and reporting of U-Report regular polls and chatbots via RapidPro and and development of monthly reports.
3 Support development and implementation of a U-Report outreach and youth engagement plan.
4 Execute creative youth engagement plans on social media and face-to-face platforms to increase the number of U-Reporters
5 Work with U-Report Champions Group to organize series of capacity building workshop for U-Reporters.
6 Generate virtual and physical U-Report communities (in school, in community, champions, agents of change etc…)
7 Network with other youth-led initiatives in the Philippines and explore collaboration with micro-influencers for networking and resource exchanges to recruit more U-Reporters.
8 Lead and facilitate face-to-face recruitment of U-Reporters in collaboration with counterparts like MOLISA and Youth Union.

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